One In Four Women

  • Are you in an abusive or violent relationship but worry you might be to blame?
  • Are you still in love with your abusive partner or ex-partner?
  • Do you feel terrible in your relationship but don’t understand why?
  • Are you being gaslighted by a narcissistic man?
  • Is your relationship depressing you and making you feel anxious and ill?
  • Are you frightened of your partner?
  • If you answer yes to any of the above – this book is for you!

Domestic abuse of women by men is endemic in our society. This book covers all the main features of this abuse including the issues that distress women the most. With current themes and up to date information about legal changes, this easy read will liberate many women from the confusion surrounding their abuse and set them on the path to recovery.

“This book has changed my life. The abuse I’ve suffered now makes sense and I feel freed from the confusion and self-blame I’d felt for years.” Gemma

“This is such a great book. I would recommend it to any woman who wants to properly understand the abuse she has suffered. It covers complex subjects such as trauma bonding and narcissism in a simple way that’s easy to read and process.” Shanice

Who this book is for

This book is predominantly to help female survivors of domestic abuse by men understand what has happened to them. Women who have not suffered abuse but may enter a new relationship with a man will also benefit from reading it. Teenage girls who may have future relationships with men will benefit from gaining this knowledge.

Abusive men who are determined to make positive changes in their behaviour may be enlightened by the book – change is possible if accompanied by very strong internal motivation. This book is written for professionals such as police officers, solicitors, social workers, doctors, nurses, midwives and teachers who will habitually encounter domestic abuse survivors during their work. Employers who want to support their female staff positively will also benefit from reading the book.

How to use this book

Female survivors can read this alone – the book is intended to de-mystify domestic abuse with a view to promoting recovery. It can also be used as a course book for group sessions. Whether reading it alone, or as part of a course, I strongly recommend keeping a journal. Journaling is not for everyone, but many people will reap huge benefits from the process, including self-discovery, finding inspiration, tracking progress, improving confidence and reducing anxiety. Journaling can be highly therapeutic and can help women work through difficult emotions and move forward.

In this book, I aim to provide readers with key information about men’s abuse of women in an easily accessible format. From my work with survivors, I know that reading and understanding this material can bring about powerful and sustained positive change. I have added a case study to each chapter to make the material more ‘real’ to the reader.