Domestic Abuse Survival

Welcome to Domestic Abuse Survival (DAS)

This site provides female survivors of domestic abuse with information and resources to promote recovery from the trauma of domestic abuse. Blogs, vlogs, information and links to other useful websites can be found here. Recovery from abuse is never easy, work is needed to process what has happened to you. In visiting this site you are taking an important positive step forward!

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There is little positive about domestic abuse, it’s painful and emotionally crippling.

However, the self-reflection and processing needed for recovery can bring about new strengths that those who have not been exposed to abuse can never access. Trauma can shake us up, force a re-evaluation of everything and encourage a more mindful, deliberate and successful path forward. Post traumatic growth can happen, and just as scar tissue is stronger than unblemished skin, it is possible to develop strength and resilience and have a positive and happy life following abuse.